Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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Greetings to readers of the Turkey UFO incident blog. As you know I have been documenting and writing about this case and providing occasional updates when necessary. I figured it's time to share some information about who I am and what the goal for this blog is. Naturally, at first I had doubts about the authenticity of the footage and I figured it was just a model or prop. After reviewing all the details, examining frame by frame, and failing to identify any evidence of forgery did it eventually dawn on me that there is something of importance here worthy of more study by the research community.

More About Myself:

My name is Ryan I am a male, 36 years old located in the western region of the United States. Back in 1999 I graduated with an associates degree in graphic design/visual communications, which gave me a basic understanding of visual effects and graphic software. A copy of my diploma is available upon request. Due to spam my email address is not listed here. To contact me with any info or questions it's best to leave a private message at the following two places Turkey Incident YouTube or on Facebook Page.

What's The Purpose Of This Blog:

This blog was started to document about the case and research in English that previously was only available in foreign language so that non-Turkish reading viewers can better understand what happened. Another reason is for gathering all the information so that the details of what is known and unknown is clear. Eventually there will be a research website. The Kumburgaz case can be summed up in two simple sentences. 1) If evidence surfaces that point toward a hoax, it would be one of the most elaborate, extensive, and complicated ever. 2) If the Turkey UFO video is indeed authentic it could be one of the most significant pieces of footage to date.

If you are interested in contacting me with more information, if you are experienced in video analysis, or wish to participate please refer to the links provided above or the comment section. More case details and analysis is in progress so please check back.

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  1. Any video with The late Roger Lier ?

    1. Do you mean with him discussing what he saw? Or in general?

  2. has anyone petitioned the Turkey government for radar records at that time and location? I enjoyed the discussion and presentation of evidence. I think the filtering of the "figures" is a little presumptive and imputes things that might not be there. It really detracted from the analysis, but overall I think it was an excellent presentation of the evidence. I hope more US readers look at this study.