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Case Overview

 "The objects in the footage have the structure of a specific material that
 is definitely not made up by any kind of computer animation, balloon, prop, 
model, or special effects used for simulation in a studio."
The Science and Technology Research Board of Turkey 

(Unidentified object witnessed by multiple residents 
of Istanbul and filmed over the sea) See video:

 Turkey has a long history of unexplained aerial phenomenon, however the Kumburgaz incident took place over several days and nights between 2007 and 2009. During that time there was an increase of reports nationwide across Turkey. According to the residents they were described as metallic round, oval, and disc shaped objects, which hovered and moved silently sometimes accompanied by a strange red or orange plasma. But most importantly, during that time a Turkey native Yalcin Yalman, took a series of interesting videos with unusually clear detail, which are posted below. Reports were filed with the Sirius UFO and Space Science Research which is Turkey's primary UFO reporting organization run by Haktan Akdogan. What exactly was captured on camera remains a mystery.

The videos were analyzed by "The Scientific and Technology Research Board of Turkey" and "TUG National Observatory" which are both sponsored by the state and highly influential. They reviewed the originals confident they would find evidence of a hoax but amazingly came away with results that support the authenticity instead. The original cassettes have been studied by people from Japan, Chile, Brazil, and Russia. After several attempts so far nobody has been able to successfully demonstrate evidence of a hoax, fraud, or manipulation.

Turkey UFO Single Frame Image Archive

2009 Original Video Footage

What are they?

The objects were not close to the camera but filmed from a distance away
in the air several feet above the sea surface. 

The local residents living in Kumburgaz were witness to a continuous aerial display of unidentified oval and disc shaped metallic airborne objects which, to this date, nobody has been able to identify. Some were residents and fishermen, while others were attending an International UFO conference that was taking place in Turkey at the time. This is when respected UFO researcher Roger Leir and approximately 7 to 8 other people saw it in person. He describes what he witnessed in the following audio: Roger Leir Interview

(The location and vantage point of the camera) 

The 2008 segment was taken between May 22 and Sep 28 of 2008 both during day and night. Yalcin was a night shift employee at the Yeni Kent building located on the shore which gave him a good vantage point. When unusual phenomena started to take place it began to catch the interest of local residents and media. Yalcin continued to film the area using a 300 mm lens with a special tele-adapter which helped gain a close perspective. Just like 2007 the 2008 incident was discussed in the Turkish media and gained interest from some people in the scientific community.

 2008 Original Footage - Part 1:


2008 Original Footage - Part 2:

2008 Original Footage - Part 3:

 June 8, 2008

June 9, 2008

June 12, 2008 


July 2, 2008

 June 16, 2008

More Single Frame Images

Eyewitnesses Interviewed:

See the link above for text of translation. 

SIRIUS UFO Space Science Research Center 

At first, the videos were analyzed under the direction of noted researcher Haktan Akdogan. SIRIUS UFO and Space Science Research Center firstly spoke with all the witnesses separately and then did the analysis of the videos. With participation of the members of their science board they enlarged the video images. They did all the detailed analysis, checked their pixels, and went through frame by frame.

 Haktan Akdogan stated: "After doing all the necessary analysis which went on for several weeks, the board came to a definite conclusion with no doubt that these are 100% genuine videos. The objects sighted in the aforementioned footage that have a structure that is made of specific material are definitely not made up by any kind of computer animation nor are they any form of special effects used for simulation in a studio or for a video effect therefore in conclusion it was decided that the sightings were neither a mock up or hoax. And it is concluded that these objects in the sightings that have physical and material structures do not belong in any category such as; planes, helicopters, meteors, Venus, Mars, satellites, fire balls, Chinese lantern, fire balls, weather balloons, natural or atmospheric phenomenon etc. and but rather fall into the category of UFOs."  

Video Explanation By Haktan and Murat Yalcin

 The director of the Turkey UFO organization and the primary witness Murat Yalcin
discuss the details of the video.

Camera Details:

The camera was a MiniDV Canon DM-GRI-A based on the NTSC system with a diaphragm set at the maximum of 1.8. It's a 3CCD 20x optic 100x with a tele-converter mounted on a 58mm adapter. Tele-objective is a Sony brand vci hgd 1758 model lens, x 1.7.

The Sea of Marmara is 27 to 34 miles across.

This is the approximate location of the orange lights seen on July 2, 2008 and a daytime 
photo taken from the same location.

Was the Turkey UFO a cruise ship? Probably not and here is why.

Close up views show what some feel could possibly be the occupants. A researcher in Chile did a detailed analysis. Warning this is highly controversial and further analysis is needed, however if you want to view them, the close ups are at the following link: 

2007 Original Raw Footage:

The 2007 video was filmed starting on June 20 and over several days until August 31. During that time round, disc, and oval shaped craft were seen and filmed maneuvering over the sea while occasionally changing direction. The same thing happened again in 2008 and 2009. To this date the objects in the footage remain unidentified while nobody has been able to find an explanation.

May 14, 2009:

This newly discovered video was taken on May 14, 2009 outside a UFO conference taking place in Turkey. A crowd of witnesses can be seen accompanying Yalcin Yalman. The date of this video is important because it just happened to occur between May 13 and May 17 of 2009 yet this daytime segment is not facing out towards the sea and instead the city.

TUBIAK Released Their Report on National Television Seen Below:

At first the scientists in Turkey were highly certain that it was a hoax. At that point Haktan Akdogan, who had already analyzed the videos frame by frame and confirmed their authenticity, challenged TUBIAK representatives on television to check themselves. When they were finished they released their report in a two page document which is translated below.

The National Council for the Study of Science and Technology 

On January 31, 2008, a MiniDV format video cassette holding 35 minutes of footage was brought over to "TUBITAK" The Science and Technology Research Board of Turkey (a Scientific Institution owned by the state that is highly reliable and influential) National Observatory (TUG) by Mr.Tolga Ozdeniz, the Editor of "Reporter" that has been aired on ATV Channel. The footage on the cassette was said to have been recorded by a Canon GL1 MiniDV digital camera on a beach of a holiday village in Kumburgaz/Istanbul by an amateur. 

The images were examined by TUG- National Observatory Image Processing Unit. Because, it would take quite a long time to analyze all of the images, only randomly selected parts were pre-examined. During this process, emphasis was not placed on images produced by optical clarification effects which a number of point light sources generated. Here is a portion of their report: “The objects observed on the images have a structure made of a specific material and definitely are not any kind of CGI animation or in any means a type of special effects used for simulation in a studio or for video effects. "So the conclusion of this report is that the observations are not a model, mock up, or a fraud”. At the last part of the report, it’s concluded that the objects observed have a physical structure and are made of materials that do not belong to any category (airplanes, helicopters, meteors, Venus, Mars, Satellites, artificial lights, or Chinese lanterns etc.)"  TUBIAK National Observatory Report

May 15, 2009 Similarities (Night and Day)
33 Minute Separation

4:59 AM                                  5:32 AM

 (2 frames combined for comparison)

A segment in the footage dated 5-15-09 was taken at sunrise in the morning. The segment starts with the time stamp of 4:59 AM and continues to film until 5:32 AM. It starts with the background being completely dark and eventually after sunrise it turns daylight. With the camera pointing in the same direction we finally see the horizon and the location of the UFO. For an unknown reason what previously appeared as a metallic oval craft is now 4 red orange pulsating lights  This could be a plasma effect caused by the craft changing configuration or just a reaction to the sun and different environment, however this is only speculation. When combining both the day and night frames and overlaying for comparison, as seen above, the shape matches almost perfectly. Make up your own mind if you think we are looking at 1 object in both frames. There has yet to be any further explanation to explain these anomalies in the video.

Explanation of 33 minute segment:

Eyewitness Dr. Roger Leir and George Knapp:

On March 31, 2013 Roger Leir appeared on Coast to Coast with George Knapp and during the interview explained what he witnessed in person. During 2008 and 2009 Roger Leir was at a conference in Turkey among many others at the time of these sightings and reports.

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