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Q & A With A Group Of Local Witnesses In Kumburgaz, Turkey

The following interview was conducted by a television news outlet shortly after one of the sightings. The questions were conducted with a group of local inhabitants at the Yeni Kent, Kumburgaz, the location of the sightings. During the interview Yalcin reveals that, over time, approximately 20 people have witnessed the unknown objects with him.

Reporter: "We went to the tourist center Yeni Kent to find the people who accompanied Yalcin Yalman the single man who filmed the extraordinary evidence, demonstrating the authenticity of the case."

Haktan Akdogan: "These are some of the people who saw it. All the kids witnessed the UFO fly over the water. This is the compound just here in this place by the beach is were Yalcin Yalman recorded the videos."

Haktan Akdogan: "Usually they appeared over the sea here and went upwards silently to finish around this place. Then headed toward the city. Many people saw it fly over the housing complex here. And one of them here is going to talk."

Witness #1

Witness # 1: "The first time saw them was between 3:00 and 5:30 am, but not every night. I have been witness to this. They had their lights on."

Reporter: "What are your comments about what you saw?"

Witness # 1: "I don't agree with what the skeptics say, because I know that I saw them with my own two eyes."

Reporter:"Four more people spotted ufos with you when it was recorded is that true?"
Witness # 1: "Yes I saw it and there was no doubt that it was real."

Yalcin Yalman

Reporter: "So Yalcin Yalman when you record them what do you think?"

Yalcin Yalman: "I have seen it 7 times in 3 years I have recorded several times with people (witnesses) who were there and I calculate they are around 20 people."

Witness #2

Witness # 2: "I saw a very intense, extremely bright light. It stayed there in the sky. By the way it moved I think this definitely goes against the laws of gravity."

Witness # 2: "After staying there for a while it started to grow bigger like this and it suddenly disappeared."

Reporter: "What do the local inhabitants think about Yalcin Yalman?"

Witness # 2:  "Yalcin Yalman spends most of his time recording he is usually accompanied by witnesses, that is the reason we are convinced that this is about authentic objects. We are witness of it."

Reporter: "How important do you think this is?"

Witness # 2: "What I saw is very significant for me, and it is also very significant for humanity?"

Here is the interview (with subtitles in english):

The interview provides some new details about what happened. Of course having multiple eyewitnesses is an important factor to consider when determining the credibility of a UFO case. According to the second witness at one point there was a bright ball of light which ascended upwards and disappeared. The group of kids saw the ufos from the housing complex nearby. Haktan Akdogan explained the location were they appeared and that towards the end flew over the city. Previously I have written that there were approximately 12 witnesses, but it appears that number is more like twenty.

Below is another video which shows several witnesses. It was taken at a separate time outside a conference in Turkey when a large group of people spotted a bright light darting across the sky. What makes this most interesting is that it happened on May 14, 2009 in between May 13, 15, and 17 which the 2009 Kumburgaz UFO video was taken.

Istanbul, Turkey May 14th, 2009

There is still more to be learned about what happened and it continues to remain a mystery.

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